Monday, 19 December 2011

End of Oct / Beginning of Nov

The Bleakleys came to collect Abi on Wednesday 26th, and stayed for tea. We were on the second day of having our boiler replaced, but luckily it was quite mild.
Scott took the next day off work, and we did some niggly bits of paperwork and stuff. Mark the boiler man left in the evening, but actually the new boiler couldn't work till we got an electrician out to do another bit. Very annoying.
I then spent the next three days pretty much in bed, feeling lousy - aching, temperature, miserable - flu. Scott's Mum and Dad dropped the boys off on Friday, and Scott took them all to the ward party on Saturday and church on Sunday without me.
On Nov 3rd I went to Northampton for a meeting, and had a long talk with President Hirst afterwards, which I found really helped with some things I have been wondering about recently.
On Friday 4th, I went with some of the Mums from school for a lovely day out. We went and had breakfast, then shopping in Cath Kidston (got loads of gorgeous Christmas presents), then to a fab old restaurant for lunch - followed by our usual mad rush back to school to pick up all our kids in time!
The next week an electrician came out, and told us it wasn't an electrical problem, so the next day (8th) the boiler man came back out and replaced a part, plus did another job on the system, then finally after over two weeks of no heat, everything worked - HEAT!! Lovely!
On Nov 10th I met up with Tracy, a friend from the older kids' old school. We had breakfast, then went shopping for a new coat for me. Had a great time catching up - she has had a lot of changes in her life recently.
Had a couple of meetings in Northampton the next night, and then on Friday 18th, we took delivery of a large sheet of glass, for a splash-back in our kitchen. With the convention over, I felt like I had a bit of mental space to think about decorating the house. I'd ordered the glass the week before, and had been listening to story tapes while getting the grouting done of the tiles that will go behind the glass. One of these years we will have finished this house...

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