Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Another lovely Saturday

Another Saturday which I enjoyed was 24th September, when Harry and I went on the local American Air base, for Harry's friend from church, Jakeb's bowling party. Harry got pretty into it...
...and also fell in love with his bowling shoes, and was really  unhappy about having take them off and leave them behind. He could not understand why he didn't get to keep them.
Before heading home, we stopped off at a nearby town where a quilt show was being held in one of the churches. A friend's mother-in-law told me about it, and one of her quilts was being displayed. Harry was not very impressed when I told him what we were doing, but once inside he was very interested, especially when the lady on the door told him he got to vote for his favourite quilt, and gave him a voting slip. He then carefully examined every quilt in the place, finally coming up with this chicken one as his favourite.
After that, the weather was so mild, and the light so lovely, that we went for a wander by the river. From a bridge, I spotted a free table in a little cafe, so Harry and I went and had cake and a drink, and happily watched the boats go by, and chatted to the couple on the next table, who told Harry about electric boat engines.
It was lovely just to spend time with Harry on his own.
In the evening, we all went over to the Conways, and had a very pleasant evening playing conker games, eating nice soups, and chatting with Anna's friend, Patty, and her husband. I was ridiculously tired though, and pretty much vegged out on the sofa most the evening, enjoying the conversation.

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