Saturday, 17 December 2011

Lucy's 14th Birthday

Monday 24th October, 2011.
After present opening, Lucy, Abi and I first of all headed to McDonalds for breakfast (got there just in time!)
After that we made our way to the Guided Bus Park & Ride in St. Ives. My satnav stopped working, and couldn't be fixed, in spite of Abigail's best efforts, and her pleas for help on Facebook... We still managed to make it there (my local geography is rubbish), somehow get the right tickets and catch the right bus (this apparently is quite traumatic with two teenage girls), for a very exciting first trip on the guided bus to Cambridge. We also got a 4th recruit to the back-seat-gang, in the form of a 3 year old boy, who became quite attached to us.
Abigail is very inclusive of me, which is quite nice of a teenager, and we all had a lot of fun.
Us trying on hats in H&M.
We actually managed to see none of the beautiful sights of Cambridge, but spent most the time inside Primark!
After a hard day shopping, and buying most the contents of Primark, we flopped into Cafe Nero for some hot chocolates.
Yes, the girls did buy identical jumpers, necklaces, and cookie monster pants...
...which they then dressed up in, and went out to the Chinese Takeaway in, looking like this:
Lucy receiving yet another text.
We had a lovely evening eating chinese and Ben & Jerry's, and watching films. I think Lucy had a good birthday!
Smores in the back garden the next night.

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