Monday, 12 December 2011

Just a weekend on holiday

Once Scott was back in France we made the decision not to get a new exhaust pipe/back box bit, but to secure the remaining bit with a wire coathanger, and sort it out back in England. It wasn't as noisy as it could have been, but Harry said the car sounds like a Ferrari!
On Friday 26th August, we decided to try and cycle to a spot which we have passed lots of times in the car, but which I actually wanted to go to as a destination. It's a high up point out the other side of Plumelec, and it's where all the camper vans etc gather when there is a big bike race on.
It was a pretty hilly ride, especially for Tom with no gears on his bike, but we made it. I loved being there - the view is gorgeous.
Dad took this picture of us cycling up the last part of the enormous hill into Plumelec. One of the Tour de France stages ended just at the top of this hill... I think that is so mean! (We only did this bit - not the whole thing - it's a killer!)
After that we cycled to a nearby WW2 memorial, and look out point.
Mum, back at Bel-Air with some of Dad's very smelly cheese
Dad hung up the flags in preparation for John, Hannah and baby Asher's arrival in the evening.
27th August. Scott hanging out with his new nephew, Asher.
After church, Sunday 28th August. A typical sight with John around - a game of some description going on!
Some of next door's birds had wandered into our bread oven, so we took some photos, then challenged Scott to catch a goose. He didn't get one, but the geese were hilarious, and fell over!
In the evening, everyone except me went for a walk, where they found some familiar looking fairies in Yvon's wood!
The usual evening hanging out in Mum and Dad's room. 

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