Monday, 12 December 2011

Last days of holiday

For our last two full days in France (29th & 30th August), we really wanted to make the most of it, and luckily we had great weather! For anyone who has looked much at this blog before, these pictures will probably look familiar...yes - it's the bouncy castle place again!!
My two little boys flying through the air...
The human tidal wave.
Typical Scott driving.
Mum and Asher at base camp.
My two little boys both flying once again...
We had a family game of golf.
There were some slightly less than orthodox methods on show, including various snooker shots, and Lucy's 'blow it down the hole' technique, which couldn't have been that successful, seeing as she came last.
On our favourite bikes again!
Aftermath of Lucy's quite hilarious crash into the bike stand...
More of Scott's superb driving.
The next day we all headed to the surfing beach. Scott looking the part, with our new skim board.
Mum at the latest base camp.
The boys starting work on a network of sand castles. Dad bought a proper builder's spade with him!
 Ha ha ha!
We waited till the bitter end, as the very last bit of sandcastle was swallowed by the sea.
John had bought a waterproof camera case with him. It kept steaming up, but he got this one of me surfing.
We came away feeling pretty happy, sandy, tired etc. A great day!
First thing on Wednesday 31th August, we headed back for England. This is the bridge at one of the toilet stops. It has a great view, which you can see Le Mont St. Michel from.
We got the high speed ferry back from Le Havre. Harry liked watching from the back.
I was not very happy (as usual) to be going back to England. I don't think any of us were really. Good bye France for another year.

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