Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A Saturday Out

Saturday 19th September was a fun day - the younger two boys went to a Primary activity at church in the morning, and Scott, the older two and I went to have a look at progress on Scott's college new build (which sparked a heated debate, as I think it is utterly revolting, and modern-council-estate-tastic and even with exactly the same budget and no architect qualifications, I know I could make it look far nicer, which Scott says is purely a matter of opinion!)
After that we had access to a huge disused airbase site. Scott's college is having a building there, and he wanted to go and see it. The place is used for all sorts of things now - driving training, police dog training, storage of brand new cars, and storage of lots of containers. I loved looking down the huge runways and seeing miles of containers - a really different environment to be in.
After we had picked up the boys, we headed over to Lincoln to spend the afternoon with the Bleakley's, and celebrate Holly's birthday. We pottered in the kitchen preparing lots of lovely food, and just had a great time chatting and being together. Lucy and Abi also evidently had a good time!

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