Saturday, 17 December 2011

Other stuff in September & The last day of Summer

Other bits and bobs that went on in September... I started an 8 week Yoga class on Friday nights - really love it, and have felt really un-stiff! Also, a PTA meeting (I seem to have become the Art person - doing posters, signs, cakes etc.), a few visits to different wards, meeting with some of the Young Women Presidents, spoke at a Youth Fireside meeting, Elders for tea, Book Club, did a Beehive Forum (12 & 13 yr old girls activity night), had a really useful meeting with Presidents Hirst and Cain, am helping to organise a big multi-stake Youth Convention, and went to Jack's first Parent/Tutor meeting at secondary school. 
His tutor said that he is very confident for a year 7 person, and that he has great potential academically. It was quite funny - his tutor has a different accent and intonation to English, and it sounded as though she was saying good things, but that there was a big 'BUT...' coming, so I kept waiting, and we got to the end, and I realised there was no 'but', and that it had been a really good report!

We had some beautiful weather in September, and then another spell at the very end, going into October.
We had the most lovely day on October 1st. I read on a blanket on the lawn all morning ('The Help'), then decided to weed the vegetable beds, and then the patio, while Scott cut the grass. I felt like it was the last day of what has seemed a long lovely summer, starting with the beautiful weather we had back at Easter. (I know not all my friends agree, but I think we have been lucky with the combination of weather here and in France.)  I wanted to really make the most of it, so Scott went out and bought logs for the fire bowl, and marshmallows and pizza, and we had a chilled out, happy time as a family, soaking in the the last of summer.
(Not sure what Lucy was dong here...)

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