Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Mum in charge

Scott was back in England from the 13th-24th August, and so after the Garricks had gone home, the kids and I pottered around, going to some of our favourite places, and carrying on with the Tasks on Dan's treasure hunt. Mum and Dad were still at Bel-Air, and it was nice to hang around with them too. We had gorgeous weather pretty much the whole time.
On 18th August, the kids and I went to Josselin, to try and complete some of the questions based on the town. One of them involved finding a particular shop which sold sculptures, and getting some information from the owner. He spoke little English, and must have thought I was a right nutcase - asking him what his job was before he became a sculpter, etc! He was very nice though, and even said my French was very good! The kids all bought mini figurines, including Jack's one of a meditating pig (featuring later...)
After that, we had to answer a question about one of the locks, so headed up river... quite a long way as it turned out!! It was gorgeous weather though, and a very pretty walk. We also saw an otter.
The kids being 'meditating pigs' (heat clearly got to them by this point..)
There's a really gorgeous lock, with a swinging bridge over it - I love the old buildings nestling behind. The kids were watching for dragon flies.
The next day, Dad completed laying a path down the side of the kitchen - superb!!
Harry and Tom made a den in the garden,
and later on dad came with us to do another of Dan's tasks. We had been given a shape on a piece of paper, then had to find the shape on the area's Ordinance Survey (equivalent) map. It was really hard to find!! I eventually did though, then we set out to cycle it, answering questions along the way.
First stop was at the nearby village of Cruguel, where we played around at the old washing place.
Just nearby in the centre of the village, is pretty much my ideal French house. I love it!! There would be tonnes of blue hydrangeas and bright geraniums everywhere, of course. I'm trying to persuade Scott that we need to buy it.
Further along our bike ride, we had to answer some questions about windmills. Spot the guys cycling up the hill in the picture below...
The modern windmills are seriously massive.
Dad took this good picture of old and new.
Lucy and I cycling along the road at the top of our lane, after our long but satisfying ride.
On 20th August, I took the kids to one of our favourite beaches - 'The Island Beach'. We made straight for the island, and though the mainland beach was fairly busy, we had the little beach at the back of the island pretty much to ourselves. The water was so warm, that Lucy, Tom and I had a lovely time swimming in it.
Our little camp for the day.
Harry and Jack found some charcoal left from a fire, and had fun grinding it up on a couple of big rocks - here's Harry looking a bit charcoal-y!
The skies above us!
On 23rd August, the kids and I were highly naughty, and bought a sticker from our favourite postcard shop in Josselin - a sticker of what the kids call the mad hatter. It's a local sticker saying L'aise Breizh - roughly translated - The ease of Brittany! We have always threatened Scott we'd get one for the car, so while he was away we did, much to the glee of the kids!
In the afternoon, we went and did another task - answering questions about a little place called Le Mont, a short drive away.

Inside the old church. I asked the kids what they thought the confession box was for. Tom said for the vicar to get changed in, and Harry said a toilet!
On 24th August, we headed to another favourite place, Auray.
It was so nice to pick a favourite bench, a favourite view and get out our picnic! (I started making up the sandwiches at home, wrapping them in foil and writing the names on, rather than lugging out all the lunch making stuff each time - much better!) I wondered if we would be bored of the same places by now, but no - we love them!
(Click on this picture below to see it larger - I like it!)
This time we wondered over to the small football stadium, and had fun posing for photos.
When we got back, Dad noticed something up with our car, and the next thing I knew, he was holding half the exhaust pipe system! I was a bit sad - not necessarily about the car, but because it meant I couldn't drive out and pick up Scott from the airport that night. I really look forwards to doing the beautiful hour and half evening drive through the countryside all alone, and then reuniting with Scott! It was fine though, and good old Dad drove us to the airport and back, and we had a good chat. I started reading 'Temple and Cosmos' by Hugh Nibley, while the Garricks were staying, and it is mind boggling. We had lots to talk about. It was great too to see Scott again, and have a big kiss in the arrivals lounge!

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