Sunday, 31 January 2010

This Week

I have also done stuff other than quilt this week.
Last Saturday was the church Ward Activity - a fashion show (with cat walk!) of costumes made by different teams, from mainly bin bags and foil... I love our ward! They were creative and enthusiastic, and all my worries that everyone would sit there and think Huh - what a rubbish idea, and not join in, were NOT realised. Thanks especially to Brothers Murphy and Whitmore for their well choreographed version of the Haka!

On Sunday, Rae Haseldon came over for a visit, as she was here from the States with work for a couple of weeks, and it was nice to catch up with her.

On Monday I had my (not church) book club, held at our house. A couple of new Mum's from Tom's school, who I had invited, came for the first time too, and we had a good discussion on 'My Cousin Rachel'.

Tuesday was quilting class (enough said already!).

Wednesday I was meant to be Visiting Teaching, but it was cancelled, and in the evening I went to (church) bookclub, and we discussed 'The Historian'.

On Thurday Scott worked late - had a Governor's meeting, and he was pleased with how it went - they are happy with him. I went for a run in the morning, which I found really hard. I did work out how to get Conference talks on my MP3 player though, which is great.

On Friday I went to see Jack in his class assembly. It was lovely to watch him (undistracted by Harry) - he was proud of what they did, and so innocent and cheerful. Had a nice chance to catch up with a few of the other Mum's and Dad's, who I don't see much of since I haven't been walking Lucy and Jack to school for the last 2 years.
On Friday afternoon, we had Harry's friend Henry round. This is them. Really, you only need to look at their faces to tell that I was not in for a quiet, peaceful, relaxed afternoon. And I was daft enough to take them to the supermarket too.
(Any green you can see is NOT snot, but icing - we made some interesting looking cakes.)

Also on Friday, Katy called up out he blue to say they were in Cambridge and could they come over for the evening. Hurray! Had a lovely time, with Katy and I being excited about ideas for making stuff, while Dan got shown every item of Playmobil/Lego that we possess. Lasagne & Banoffi pie. Yum. And of course Amy, who was being as gorgeous as ever. When they had left I went for a run, and found it much easier - did about 45 mins.
Yesterday, we were in and out all day, with Stake Conference sessions, the obligatory visit to the sweet shop, and Lucy going out for the afternoon with the Murpheys. I got my quilt squares sewn together. Can't do much more on it for a bit till I get more material. More games of Settlers of Catan with the boys! (We are still playing nearly every day!)I went with Anna to the evening session of Conference, (we met up with Scott and Ben in a car park and handed over the kids!) and I totally enjoyed it - all the talks were on going to the Temple, and I especially liked President Cain's explanation of Ezekiel 47 about how the Temple nourishes and heals us, but how we have to go repeatedly so we aren't just blessed up 'to the ankles'.
Conference again today - I plugged my MP3 player into the car CD, and played a General Conference talk that I wanted Scott to listen to, on the way. When it finished, Harry said he wanted more! I asked him why, and he said because the men were talking in a nice way. Little kids aren't daft.
Enjoyed conference again today, and Harry was only medium hard work. (He's not naughty, just totally unable to be still or whisper.)
I am very happy now, because my tea is being made for me - thanks Ben and Anna!!!

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poultonfamily said...

The quilts looking really good. It's inspiring me to do one. I have a whole load of Chris's old shirts that I kept that are all different blues. Just need to find the time!! Keep it up-you're an inspiration.