Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Well I'm here babysitting at Ben and Anna's at the moment - fingers crossed the kids won't be too scared of me. This is about the first time I've sat down today - have had a few busy decorating days - fillered on Monday (in between Visiting Teaching trips), sanded and wallpapered yesterday and then painted the whole living room and dining room today. They look better, but now the door frames etc look worse than ever. Oh well, they've waited 5 and a half years, a bit more won't hurt. I basically lived on Christmas cake this week. (Yes, I am Mum's favourite child, John, Robin & Katy - did she make a cake for you this year?!) The house is a total tip now, and it looks like 3 years housework needs doing, not 3 days. Nobody had better come round unexpectedly. Scott even bought new socks on his lunch break today. (It's not quite as bad as it sounds - we do have a few clean clothes left - it's just I've just shrunk all the rest of his socks, and he finally got fed up of them.)
So a clear up day tomorrow, and getting set up for the Ward activity, for this Saturday.
I was pleased with my run on Monday night, and very pleased that I didn't ache on Tuesday. I'm missing a run tonight, and should really make up for it tomorrow morning, but I don't like the idea of running in daylight. I like the anonymous-ness of the dark - no-one can see me bright red and looking rubbish. Hopefully by summer it won't be so bad.
Scott and the kids are OK - Scott is still busy researching cars and looking at the figures. He has seen a nice Rover 75 for sale near Birmingham that would be good, so if it's still for sale on Saturday, he'll go by train and look at it. We are a good team. He number crunches and I paint, and we are happy. I've just realised that it was 14 years ago on the 17th that we got engaged! He still makes me laugh every day.
(I just read that through - I should make it clear: laugh with him, and not at him...)

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