Thursday, 14 January 2010

Another of my goals was to do the quilting class at church this year. This is the fabric assortment I've bought: I went on another run on Monday - did about 40mins non-stop this time, but my foot is still killing, so I'm going to stop till it's healed up a bit.
Everyone is plodding on quite happily at the moment, and Harry has not been permanently ill like past winters.
Scott and I are still playing Settlers of Catan when we can, Lucy is up to date with everything, Jack is working on writing a 'Famous People' book, and Tom has been made a 'free reader' at school now, which he is very happy about.
Harry told me today that he has told the new Mum-helpers at playgroup that his name is Billy, and that's what they are calling him...
Robin (my wonderful brother!) sent me his new MP3/4 player. He'd bought one the same time as Scott and I but his order wasn't cancelled like ours. It arrived today, so I need to have a play! I cracked the screen on the other laptop that has all our music on it, 2 days ago, so will have to wait till we've got a new screen fitted.
My friend Tracy came over this afternoon, to show me how to put a new screen in, and have a chat. It turns out she has always wanted to do quilting too, so will be coming along!
Right, better go and get Tom now.


Anna said...

Oooh that's my fabric too and I love it!

pescbrico said...

It will make a wonderful quilt!! hope you foot will be much better soon!

poultonfamily said...

Where did you get the fabric from?

Susannah said...

Your fabric is beautiful.