Monday, 11 January 2010

'This Week' or 'Old Photos, Aching, Snow & Settlers of Catan'

It has been a pretty quiet week really, compared with the run up to Christmas, and the holidays. Just got sorted out with the house and laundry etc. One of my new year's resolutions is to get my non-digital photos onto the computer. After looking at various options, I decided to scan them. I got my first album done this week. (I'll have to look into improving them with my Photoshop, but I'm still not familiar with it enough yet.) Here are some of my favourites so far:
My Granny and Grandpa Flinn's wedding in 1945 My dad aged 4 and 3/4
Love this one of Dad in Trafalgar Square, 1957.

Dad, 1973
Mum and Dad, 1972

Me, 1975
Me, 1977
Me and John, 1980


John and Robin
Mum and Robin

Grandad Asher, 1990

Robin and Katy
Best friend Juli and I at Lathkilldale - one of my favourite places! We have had smallish amounts of snow frequently over the past week, and the garden has looked like this, most the time. None of the kids' schools have had to close. Last week I carried on with the running training schedule - 3 more shorter runs. I ached a lot less after my second run, but have had a pulled something in my foot all week. Scott's at the gym at the moment, but when he gets back in I have to go for a 40 min run (or jogging as slow as you can without walking in my case).

Also this week we found friends to play the Settlers of Catan game with! They came over on Sunday (kindly bringing dinner with them!) and we let the kids amuse themselves while the grow-ups played!

Lucy did Family Home Evening this evening. She got the idea from the Friend magazine, and it involved playing Follow-my-leader in the dark (Scott and I managed to find the settee, whilst the kids made plenty of noise going round in circles), followed by Twister. At bedtime Tom got tickled so much his tooth fell out!

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Dan Gosling said...

Tickled 'til your tooth falls out. That's a good one! Almost as good as having a soaring kite knock your tooth out! What does Jack think?