Friday, 22 January 2010

Beds & Dust

A picture from last Sunday - 5 of us ended up squished into Scott's and my bed in the evening, all reading. (Lucy got squeezed out by Harry.) Scott's Mum gave us the Playmobil catalogue a while ago, and Harry regularly has to daydream about owning it all...Squashed beds reminds me, this is a very good book!After the last little bit of decorating, it has been operation clear-up, especially of the thick sanding dust that got over everything. Harry was mega-tired yesterday, but couldn't have a nap as were setting up the chapel for the ward activity on Saturday. In contrast, today after a good night's sleep he is sweetness and light, and has been helping me clean.
Here he is happily scrubbing all the shells and rocks etc. from our 'nature' (junk) shelf.
My Mum says our antler (which we found on a walk at a country park) looks like a slug/snail with its horns, so Harry and I added a couple of things to it...
This picture is for you Mum!

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