Saturday, 2 January 2010

I'm actually sitting here back in bed (yes it is lunchtime) and have just looked out to see more snow - big fat flakes and a snow sky. This has been a wonderful Christmas time - for the abundance of snow as well as everything else!
Our Travellers of Catan game arrived in the post (good old eBay), and Scott and the kids are downstairs playing.
I love this time of year when I feel so ready for the new year, and ready to start with renewed determination to achieve the things I want to, and spend time deciding what those things should be. I genuinely believe we can change ourselves (though in my case, progress is slow, but better than none.)
I made some goals and resolutions yesterday, the most physical of which is to run a half marathon with my sister Katy. I am somewhat terrified about this, because I can only run for 1 minute 30 seconds at the moment, before feeling like I will drop dead.
I've been thinking too about the fact that the kids are growing up. This makes me literally cry sometimes - that I can't keep their bodies little and close to me forever, but it also makes me excited and I get happily surprised at things which show their independent thought and growth. I love their minds, and their intelligence, and that they aren't just little me's, but far more. Lucy is actually becoming my friend - someone I can't wait to tell things to, and laugh about things with, and get opinions from. Noone told me all these good bits!! I just hope we have done enough that they will see how logical and wonderful the gospel is, so they will stay close to it and be protected by Christ's teaching. The reason I am saying this is that for a long time we have just been in the 'raising-young-kids-and-surviving-mode', and I can see that this will begin changing (Harry starts school this year for instance, and Lucy will become a teenager). Change is scary, but hopefully I will make it be good!
I really should properly get up now. My goal for today is to vaccuum!

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