Sunday, 17 January 2010

This Weekend

The boys have got down to some serious Lego & Playmobil playing, this week. I cordoned off a bit of the living room for them and they were happy. Harry loves his new Playmobil camper van that came this week (total eBay bargain!) We had a fairly relaxed weekend. Jack had his friend Richard round for tea on Friday - they had requested pizza, so I made the dough in the breadmaker, and made Jack's batch green. (Jack's happy too because he and Richard have been picked from their class to go to Lucy's school, for a Gifted and Talented maths day, next month.)
The pizzas looked truly revolting but tasted good!
Scott took Lucy to the Young Women's sleepover, on Friday too, and I was just itching to make something, even with no new fabric yet. I made a cushion cover from fabric left over from when I made the curtains, and from some scraps a friend gave me this week.
It's great - I seem to be getting known as a person who can 'use stuff' - in the past week I have been given some clothes for me, a coat for Tom, and had two visits to my house from the 'fabric fairy'. Actually in one of the bags of fabric (from a school Mum) was a beautiful, full length, pale blue silk dress, which fits me like a glove... Scott is going to the next Gold & Green ball at church whether he likes it or not...On Saturday, Scott picked up Lucy, then went to a birthday party with Tom, at a Laser Force/Quest type place. He said the Dad's showed no mercy to the kids at all, and totally won all the games... makes me laugh!!
Afterwards, we played board games, and then all went swimming. I've cancelled my gym membership now, so will only get free swimming till the end of the month. The kids will still all be free though because of Scott's membership. My foot is much better now - I have driven a lot instead of walking this week, and should be good to run tomorrow. Got back from swimming and all wolfed down our Kashmiri Butter Chicken (made out the slow-cooker book again - it wasn't a fluke first time round - it still tasted great!)
Church was good today & Harry managed to not bite anyone in Primary this week. The kids totally got on my nerves on the way to church (actually, mainly it was sleep-deprived-from-the-sleep-over-Lucy), but I liked them again by the time church was over.
We have taught Tom to play 'Settlers of Catan' now, too! He is pretty good, especially considering the game is Ages 10+. Lucy says she never wants to play it again EVER. Over-dosed a bit, maybe! She is dying to do some quilting with me though, and we spent a while today drooling over some of the beautiful things people have made, on their blogs.
Scott and I took it in turns for naps again this afternoon, and then have spent this evening deciding which new (second-hand) car to get. (To replace the red one.) It was a toss up between a Rover 75 or a Mondeo. (Should we match Dad, or John & Robin??!), but then Scott asked me, so now it's a toss up between a Rover 75, a Mondeo or a Mazda MX5.

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Anna said...

Wow, look at you go - snazzy cushion! Looks great! Just so you know the black curtain is now hanging in the lounge... I actually hung it up and ben came home and quite liked it! so ben's mum is posting the other to us tomorrow!