Friday, 1 January 2010

Christmas & Our Impromptu Travels

Lots of pictures, sorry, but not as many as I took!! What a week! We have fitted a lot in. Here is Harry on Christmas eve writing out names for place settings.Scott took the kids to a 'play-place' as well on Christmas eve, while I got everywhere tidy and did nice getting-ready things like wrapping a few last presents, taking presents to our neighbours and making cranberry sauce.
Everything all ready. (Spot the burn mark on the CD shelf, made by the advent candle!!) This is the first Christmas morning that we have ever spent at home on our own! We usually go to Mum and Dad's. We really enjoyed it!
Mum, Dad and Grandma, Niki, Robin, Adam and Emma all arrived a bit later, and Niki and Dad helped me with the dinner. It's the first time we got to see Emma, our new niece! She is lovely!
Dinner went OK I think, and we were all totally podged.
Katy, Dan and Amy came later, and we had more present opening! We just about fit in. Adam seems to like playing with his cousins.
Tom was in the queue to hold his new cousin of course! He really adores babies. Love this one of Harry...
Had tea (and I got to have a play with my new laminater), then everyone headed home, though Katy and Dan stayed late chatting - it was lovely.
On Boxing day we cleared up a bit, then went to Shane and Dawn's for a nice lunch, with Meg and Dave. Got to meet our new nephew, Levi! Another cutie! Good to see Dawn looking OK.
We then drove to Mum and Dad's in Nottingham, in time to get the kids to bed. John and Hannah, and Katy and Dan were staying there too, so we slept all over the place! John taught us a new game 'The Settlers of Catan', which was pretty addictive and we all played lots of. What else do we do when we all get together??!
The next day everyone went to church except Harry who had coughed ALL NIGHT, and Jack and Lucy who felt ill too. Bit tired, but everyone managed OK.
On Monday 28th, John, Robin, Hannah, Lucy and I went into town to shop. Lucy and I both did well in the cardigan department, plus got some other bits and bobs. Scott took the boys to Ikea to get Tom a book shelf, and to Decathlon where more footballs were bought!
We planned to go home after tea, to give Mum a chance to recover, but John invited us up to his and Hannah's (mainly so he could carry on playing The Settlers of Catan, I suspect!!), so we all packed up, and drove up to Yorkshire in convoy.
Got the kids settled, then got playing!
John and Scott. (I liked John's top, so had bought Scott one the same, earlier in the day.)
Next morning we all walked into town, to the locally famous biker's cafe, to get a BIG fry-up each for breakfast. Totally yum. John was feeling rough though.
The walk back from town. More playing of THE GAME (I went online and bought our family a set too while we were at John's!)We then headed to Bolton Abbey for a walk, and a spot of sledging... (after stopping off to buy some gloves etc. - we hadn't really come prepared - just had the stuff we'd taken to Mum's!)
Scott sledging. I also had a go, but John pushed me, and I went flying off the edge of the path...
I was so happy to be among HILLS!!!
Hannah and John (still feeling a bit rough here.) One of the penny tree trunks. This picture makes me laugh! I love the choices you get here!!
The next day we played some more (here is Harry with his new playmobil), and then thanks to me jokingly asking who wanted us next, on Facebook, we got invited to Juli's up in Sunderland! I felt relatively adventurous setting off again with 4 kids in tow, on the spur of the moment!
Juli and Chris have only been moved in a few weeks, but have done tonnes of building work already. It was great to see them and the new house!
Here's Scott with nearly all the kids. (Eight out of nine!)Juli and I enjoying the fire. After that we played a game, and watched some of Twilight, which noone else had seen. Scott admitted it actually seemed OK, and he might even watch all of it with me later at home.
We stayed for a night (during which I bashed my eye HARD on a bunk bed, whilst giving Harry some cough medicine at about 4am. I've got a bit of a black eye, which now looks like dodgey eyeshadow...) and headed home after a fab breakfast of pancakes, thanks to Juli.
It was so good to catch up and get to be proper friends for a bit (and of course look at cookery books...)
We could have stayed for New Year's Eve, but I didn't want to push my luck with the kids - they have been so good this week, inspite of sleeping on all kinds of floors and beds all over the place, and I didn't want them to get too overtired, then ill. It was a good journey home, and we are all nice and organised now.
Scott and I stayed up last night and watched the fireworks on telly, then I wrote in my nice new diary. I am going to try and be better at keeping my personal journal, as well as blogging. I've always been good in the past, but blogging has seemed easier. It's a year exactly now that I've been doing this family blog.
Have spent a lazy day at home, playing with presents, making new year's resolutions (more later on that!) and unexpectedly buying MP3/4 players. Robin knew that Lucy was saving up for an Ipod, and rang to say he'd seen a brilliant online sale bargain on a Sony one instead. It ended with Scott and I both buying one, and Lucy changing her mind and buying a pink touch screen phone instead!
Roast beef dinner, Dr. Who, play on laptops, bed!

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