Wednesday, 23 December 2009

First of all here is the fudge I made last night that I am very proud of! We had a great day - Scott is off work now till the new year, and we went over to my Brother-in-law Dan's Mum and Dad's house, and then off for a walk in some nearby woods with Katy, Dan and Amy. It was lovely with so much snow!!
I took this picture near our house on the drive over.
We saw loads of dear crossing one of the paths we were walking on, including a pure white one. Followed by a good old snowball fight!
Some things in the wood. Scott and Dan helping push someone out the park. It was easier for cars to get in, than out.
I love this one of Lucy.
And this one of Harry.
How cute is Amy?!!
We had potatoes and chilli back at Dan's Mum and Dad's made by Katy...yummmmm...
Tom of course had to have his hold of Amy before we left. Can't wait for Christmas!!!!!!!


Anna said...

And why has none of the yummy looking fudge made it's way over here as a 'get well soon' present? Just kidding! Pics are great!

Corie said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

Big hugs,