Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Well, busy, busy, busy - I seem to keep doing things, but the list keeps being added to! Everyone is fine though, if not yet very Christmassy (or maybe that's just me).
On Saturday we travelled to Scott's Mum and Dad's and went with lots of Scott's family to see the pantomime - Cinderella, with Brian Conley. I hadn't given much thought to the pantomime itself, and ended up really enjoying it - funny, and beautiful visually too. We went to church down there, and then visited Keely and Grant, and Scott's Nan afterwards.
Here's Harry during the travelling. (The kids bought revolting blue lollies.) I found the calendar like this the other day... maybe the kids feel like they have had to wait this long already...
A little early Christmas present for myself arrived yesterday! When I was young, Mum bought me lots of Mattel 'Littles' dolls and furniture. I'm not really attracted to dolls much, but this furniture is beautifully made - cast metal, with little working drawers and flap leaf tables etc.
I had kept all my things anyway, and when I saw the actual doll's house on Ebay a week or so ago, I bid on it and bought it. I told the boys that it had come, on the way home from school, and they were very unimpressed, but I have found them playing with it quite a lot!
Here's Harry looking chuffed (because he's putting the Dad on the little toilet!!)
A giant reindeer for the ward Christmas party, that I did this morning before school (and there was plenty of time before school this morning - I've been awake since 5am. Someone wet the bed, someone fell out of bed and hurt their eye, and someone's mobile went off - early!) Harry did some pianting too.
A few of the 100 cards I am making on commission for one of the mum's at school.
Also, last week Shane and Dawn had their baby!! Levi Shane Cryer, weighing 8lb 8oz! Dawn had a cesarean, and has had some complications since, so has been in hospital longer than planned, but will hopefully be home today!
I have babysat Kirsten and Ethan a couple of evenings, and taken them to school today, and it's been nice to spend a bit of time with them.

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Pete, Alison and Charlie said...

I HAD THE LITTLES TOO! I never knew anyone else who did! I've got the house AND the conservatory in my loft, along with all my furniture too! They were fab, weren't they! Very big heads and skinny little bodies if I remember rightly! Have fun playing with them! Maybe we should hold a Littles convention or something so we can all play together!
Am very impressed at you making 100 cards for someone else - I haven't even started writing mine yet, never mind actually making them! (By the way, thanks for our parcel - it arrived yesterday.)
I have to say Harry's looking a bit cyanotic on the lolly photo... I think I'm a bit paranoid about blue lips - my instinctive reaction to that photo was 'Quick, get a sats monitor and an oxygen mask on that child!!' Doh.
Anyway - better go and iron a shirt for Charlie for school tomorrow - only two more days then he can stay in pyjamas all the time! XXX