Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Jack's 10th Birthday!

Jack says this was his best birthday ever, so I think he had a good day! Mum, Dad and Grandma came at lunch, and Dad and I got to go and see Tom in his school play - he was great - including singing his solo bit! When Jack got home (I think he ran most the way) he had a good play with all his new lego, and gameboy (cheap & cheerful - no DS's in this household...yet), then decorated his cake. I thought I was going to be making Monster Cake III, but Jack wanted to do his own. It didn't take too much to persuade me. The finished cake. It is Bel-Air (France house), though I don't think that was the original plan - it evolved...
Jack also got to choose tea - pizza and chips. He said a while ago that if we gave him £10, he wouldn't bother with a party this year. BARGAIN!! A good day all round!

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