Tuesday, 22 December 2009

We finally put up our Christmas decorations last night. I got to hang the wreath on the front door with heavy snow falling - it was just lovely. Scott said let's not put up so much rubbish this year (though I'm pretty sure he's usually responsible for it), so anyway the kids each have a tree and tonnes of sparkly stuff in their rooms now instead :)
Harry trying to get me.
The ladder was still out from getting down the decorations, and it kept Harry entertained for a lot of today. He said he was 'Captian Tall' and invented all kinds of situations. He cleared away all of his toy cars by climbing the ladder with one at a time and dropping them down into the tub. Here he is eating one (of about 7 he's had today) clementine, up the ladder:

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poultonfamily said...

House looks great-can't believe I managed to get my decorations up before you! So fed up of decorating at the minute. Really looking forward to a few days off. I got my front room done and I may even have a real fire tomorrow! Well, hope you have a fab Christmas and new year. All our love and best wishes xx