Sunday, 6 December 2009

Playmobil rules!

The Playmobil that Harry got for his birthday has already been a good investment - we have hardly seen the boys all day - they have been upstairs playing with it! Scott and I have been relaxing and Lucy has been busy with my camera.
We took a few family photos on the tripod as soon as Scott got back in from church, because his Mum would like a family one for Christmas. I threatened the kids to behave for the first few, then let them do what they do best - look like a bunch of nutters (see new blog header!). We are keeping the photo for Meg and Dave secret though. This was another one. Lucy's photography:
Lucy getting an 'artistic angle' of the dining room.
And finally one I took of Scott and Harry playing Downfall 'Harry version' (ie. there's no such thing as 'turns', and Harry peers round your side whenever he wants)

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Pete, Alison and Charlie said...

Love, love, love the B&W of you and Scott! X