Thursday, 3 December 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Harry!

Harry a couple of days ago during the cake baking...Harry our youngest is 4 today, and had his birthday party this afternoon, along with 12 playgroup friends. I have been working like a loony for a couple of days (finishing some decorating/cleaning/baking), but it was worth it - I think we had a lovely party, though Harry kept disappearing upstairs to play with his new Playmobil - big hit!!
Here is Harry with Monster Cake IILucy is happy because she finally finished her advent calendar - she hand sewed all the numbers on and has been at it for a few days now. She purposely hasn't made it Christmassy because she wants to use it for her birthday too.
Harry and Tom getting down to some serious playing this evening.
Thanks ever so much to anyone who bought Harry a present! He is a happy chappy.

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poultonfamily said...

Helen, you always look so busy! Just needed to let you know that we had some random person leaving comments on our blog so I've changed the settings so that you have to be a member now-we're not giving you a hint! Will have some pics of our house soon-starting to come together but I'm shattered and starting to go slightly crazy.