Saturday, 5 September 2009

Well Tom went back to school on Thursday, and Lucy started secondary school yesterday! She was looking forwards to it, and her day went fine! Jack and Harry start school and playgroup on Monday. Four kids in four different schools...four lots of letters...that's the worst bit. They've been getting on each others nerves a bit, but actually I'm sort of sad they're going back and that we have to get into school mode again.

Lucy asked me to teach her how to iron this week, and she's picked it up pretty quickly and has been ironing a few things every day for me, which is great! We have also been working on a recipe book for the kids - Lucy (thinking ahead somewhat) asked me to write down how to make all the basics, for when she goes to uni. The kids all told me the dinners and puddings they wanted adding to the book, and we've been working on typing them up. I like teaching them that kind of stuff.

I am on my own with Harry this afternoon - Scott has taken Lucy, Jack and Tom to Wembley to see England play Slovenia (I think). I'm nervous about them going, but certainly didn't want to stop them. I took Harry to the sweetshop when they had gone, and saw Ben & Anna, who invited me for tea - hurray! I then got a few bargains at the local charity shop - a spare school jumper for Lucy, a colourful top I love for me, a load of modelling straws for the kids, a real stethoscope (!) and some toy cars and animals - all for the grand total of £2.50
Here are a couple of pictures of Lucy and her friends who called for her, yesterday (and my gorgeous sunflowers):

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