Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Today (I Hate Forms)

I was sitting here filling in tonnes of boring forms, and felt like moaning about them on here instead. I have 4 kids in 4 different settings, so fair enough, there are bound to be a few letters and forms, but why do I have to fill in loads of parent contact froms, health forms, etc etc when they could just use last year's? Also why are online forms so complicated too? I've just done Harry's application for school next year, and what a palava - I couldn't remember my password from 3 years ago (funnily enough), with no way to retrieve it. I also have to fill in a form for it, about our church attendance. There is a box for 'Length and degree of involvement in the life and work of the church'. Ha. Give me a bigger box.

Maybe I would feel more like forms though if I'd had a bit more sleep (though maybe not). Harry woke at about 2am, and I didn't get to sleep till 5.30 ish. Harry has started coughing in the night, and I seem to have pulled muscles down one side of my back, plus my opposite shoulder is playing up again, and I've had a headache pretty much since Saturday morning. Also Lucy is really poorly again and took today off school. We had a nice day though - Lucy and I watched a chick-flick while Harry was at playgroup, then Harry and I had naps this afternoon. Harry came home with a cut on his head from a kid at playgroup, but didn't seem too worried by it.

Actually yesterday, Harry went home with one of his playgroup friends after playgroup, so I had ALL DAY to myself (which I spent talking to Mum on the phone and wallpapering). The Mum who had looked after Harry said I would have been so proud of him - he had beautiful manners and was offering to help her carry things etc! Thank goodness he's not a hooligan all the time!

Right, 3 more forms, and I am done. Come on Helen - you can do it.

Later... Down to one last form now - that can wait till tomorrow. Happy because Scott came home from church meetings (or it might have been his rehearsal as The Wizard of Oz), with the weekly shopping, flowers for me and doughnuts :)


poultonfamily said...

Helen, that was great, couldn't stop laughing. Thank you.x

Pete, Alison and Charlie said...

Don't talk to me about forms! I hate them too - I don't know how you manage with four kids - it's bad enough with just Charlie to fill them in for! I just finished doing the form for Charlie's disability allowance - almost 50 A4 pages, each one having to be completed in minute detail - and each one saying a variation of the same thing: 'yes, he's missing half his heart, no, it can't be fixed, no, he can't walk very far, yes, he gets breathless, and yes he goes blue on occasion'. Talk about depressing reading! I've been filling it in since May - I sent it off last week, so now I've gone from relief at having finally finished it, to panic at wondering whether they'll say yes or not!
Sorry to hear Lucy's not well - and that your back and shoulder are playing up again. Poor Lucy's been under the weather for a week or two, hasn't she. There are so many horrid bugs flying around this time of year.
Hope you all feel better soon - and that you got all your forms finished in the end! XXX

Anna said...

so we have to apply for school around now???? how the heck do you do that?