Wednesday, 30 September 2009

My glamorous 'doing sanding' get-up: Harry and I played on the trampoline this afternoon.(I have always really loved my kids' feet for some reason!) Veggie soup for tea - we needed some carrots for it:
I like the sky at the bottom of our garden
Off to book club now.

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Pete, Alison and Charlie said...

Your two comments came through in the wrong order!! I was just sitting there trying to figure out what the face-painting one meant, and then the second one arrived and it all became clear! And I think if I had four kids to organise fancy dress for, I'd be in the minimal effort school of thought too! (What am I talking about - I only have Charlie, and I'm already into the whole minimal-effort thing!!)
Love your sanding gear by the way - I'm sure I could come up with a good costume for Charlie with your hat! XX