Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Harry has been wearing either blue goggles, or 3 baseball caps at once, for much of today. Once upon a time I might have modified his outfit, but 4 kids down the line, I can cheerfully smile at the other parents on the school run and not mind at all the fact my kid looks a total loony.


pescbrico said...

Oh I want this without having 4 children first!! Life would be so much easier !:)
Your son look cool :)

Anonymous said...

I'm one out of 4 kids and have to give mothers alot of credit!!! Just wanted to say that.
:) Can your son dive? I tried when I was younger but never could get myself to go in head first. LOLOLOL
It's alot of fun to be in the water! I bet he has a great time!

The Cryer Family said...

No, he wasn't even going swimming - he just wanted to wear the goggles, Angela!