Thursday, 24 September 2009

This Week

I was just trying to remember what we have been up to this week...
Saturday, I went to the gym and was back before Scott even woke up! I've said I will try and go once a week from now on - I've been a member since July 08 and have only ever been about 5 or 6 times.
We then took the kids to the £1 cinema to see Night at the Museum 2, which I actually quite enjoyed! I can remember one point sitting in the cinema, and looking at Harry who was being really good, all curled up in his cinema seat, and thinking that at this very moment I am totally happy.

Sunday at church my new calling was announced - Activities Committee. The Activities Chairwoman is pretty organised, and so it should be good working with her. Visiting the ward was someone who used to be a missionary in our ward when I was a teenager. He recognised me, and it was nice to talk to him and his wife.
After church we had the Holmans round for dinner. I am gradually getting round to inviting all the new(ish) members in our ward round for dinner. It's been really good getting to know everyone a bit better. I think our ward is great!

On Monday Jack was ill off school, and so I had to organise swapping my Playgroup duty, so I could stay home with him. It took a while to do, and then I went and forgot to ring the school about Jack, and tell Jack's friend he wouldn't be walking. I always seem to forget something! (Last week I didn't collect Tom after school one day, because I thought he had Football club, but it wasn't on, so they had to ring me {at least I wasn't the only parent who did it!}, then today I actually forgot he had Football club, and had to drive in to drop his kit off for him and leave him a message...) Mum and dad are back from France now (Hurray!), and so had good chats with them on the phone.

Tuesday was Lucy's first ever Young Womens - she got invited to attend early. This means Scott won't be able to do the shopping after his Tuesday night meetings any more. She seemed confident enough about it and had a good time. Also on Tuesday I was ironing when the iron set on fire - with actual flames coming out!

Wednesday morning, I had the urge to make something, so made the book over on my craft blog. Later, after a picnic in the park with one of Harry's playgroup friends, we headed into town to buy a new iron, ironing board, and do the weekly shop.
In the evening Jack had a church friend over for tea. For some reason I doubled the normal quantities (my maths must not be good: 6+1 does not equal 12) so we had tonnes of toad-in-the-hole and veg. I did mini toad in the holes, with half a sausage in each Yorkshire pudding pan - they were well cute! After I dropped Jack's friend home, I picked up his Mum and another Sister to go to an enrichment activity on Chutney making.

I absolutely loved the chutney and have spent all this afternoon making my own! I doubled the quantities, and it seems to have made rather a lot!! Also the house reeks of vinegar, and my hands and eyes are still killing from chopping SO MANY onions, and chillis. Jack said he could smell it before he even got home from school. (Ha ha! my friend has just this minute dropped Tom home from Football for me, and said 'something smells nice'!!)
Spent this morning Visiting Teaching, and my own Visiting Teachers are coming this evening. I really like them coming! I usually forget they are coming though, but at least today I probably won't. The people we visited today had forgotten though (I am naming no names - you know who you are, ha ha!) and so we taught someone in their pyjamas, and someone alse with dripping hair and a towel on their head. I am so happy I am not the only one who forgets things!

Also, when I got in last night, Scott had just booked our flights for America next spring. Eeek! We are going to Salt Lake City for a couple of days (and General Conference), then hiring a car and driving to San Francisco via Bryce, Hoover Dam, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Sequoia (Sp?), Yosemete etc, then heading back to SLC to meet up with John and Hannah again, and fly to New York for a couple of days (and hopefully one day to Washington), before home.
I feel pretty jammy!

Lucy got home from school late today. She said she had to rescue a chicken they found on the pavement, on the way home.
Jack is outside painting the fence at the moment. He is trying to earn some money for a Survival Kit he saw in the Lakeland catalogue. (He looks a bit daft because he's got my old painting clothes on, because all his clothes are too clean.) Tom wanted a job to do too, so he is out raking the garden. Harry is looking a total GRUB and has managed to wear holes in the knees of his trousers (that were fine this morning), and he's just told me his underpants have got 2 holes in (I assume he doesn't mean the leg holes).
I had better clear up the kitchen now... wreckage from the chutney making, and make dinner.
Sorry this is a bit long and boring, and no photos.


Anna said...

Sounds like a great week! Just so you know I was in my Pj's till after lunch! Oh and thanks again for getting me out of the sewing thing!

johnflinn said...

can i have the chutney recipe please?!

poultonfamily said...

It's not till you write it all down that you realize how busy a week is! I was exhausted just reading it.

Mateo said...

You will have to tell us where this (my computer doesn't have a Pound symbol so I will rather crudely insert a Dollar sign, but you know what I mean) $1 cinema is.