Wednesday, 9 September 2009

My To Do List for Today

*Take Harry and Tom to school and playgroup
*Study the 2nd half of my online Food Hygiene Certificate course (this is truly the most painfully boring thing I have ever done...for eg. a whole check list on how to wash my hands... and I have no idea how detailed the assessment will be at the end, so can't afford to not swot up on every little detail)
*Take the assessment & pass it!
*Get the ingredients for making 150 scones (That is tomorrow's job, and why I need the Hygiene Certificate. They are for a church Unity in the Community thing)
*Tune in the new TV which just arrived. Scott jokingly said that that is a 'pink job', and I need to do it so he can watch the football (or whatever it is) tonight. I also want the TV sorted out so I can be a bad Mum and make all the kids watch TV after school if they get too rowdy, so I can get on with everything else!
*Ring the Planning office and persuade them to come out here and help me narrow down what plan to submit for planning permission for our extension.
*Clear up the house
*Wash lots of bedding (someone had an accident in the night)
*Weed the patio that looks like a jungle
*Pick, cook and pickle my beetroot crop before it all grows woody and revolting
*Pick up my friend's 2 kids from school (and mine), and look after them till she gets back from a funeral
*Make tea
*Make a special card and post it to for my friend's birthday
*Do the ironing
*Pick up a couple of people and go to tonight's quarterly Enrichment activity at church
*Think about what meals to do for the people we invited for dinner tomorrow night, and on Sunday
*Get a gift for a birthday party Scott and I are going to on Saturday night

(or I might just sleep all day, because Harry woke me up far too early this morning...)

Update... 2.08pm and I have cleaned the house, sorted out the new TV, finished the course and taken my assessment. I actually took it twice, but managed to delete the first one by accident at the end, so had to do a whole different test again. Passed it! Got 97% (got something wrong about ventilation systems). Glad I can officially make scones now without making people ill.

10.11pm. Didn't do the beetroot or the patio. Or the ironing. Oh well... bed time!

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poultonfamily said...

Just a normal day then-and you had time to write it all down. Well done.