Friday, 18 September 2009

Can you guess from the pictures who was at home today? yep, Lucy and Harry (...I do like Jack and Tom too, they just weren't around to have photos taken of them). Lucy has been off school ill the last 2 1/2 days, and has only picked up a bit later on today. She managed to make 3 days worth of mess though since this afternoon - after hearing she might have a new pen friend, she felt inspired to make hand-made paper to use for writing on. This involved tearing up huge amounts of paper/tissue, turning it into a soggy, gluey mess, adding glitter, food colouring and essential oils (house now stinks of Rose Geranium & Lavender), then making a wire frame, covering it in tights, slopping the mixture on, and rolling pin-ing it out. And in about 3 weeks it may have dried out. This kind of thing always reminds me of a Garfield poster my mum used to have that said 'Creativity is not a pretty sight'.
The culprit: Harry spent ages playing with cars today.
Some of the paper-making:
My lovely pickled beetroots finally done!
Scott and Jack playing chess last night.

I was reading a book about Jesus to Harry yesterday...

Harry: 'Don't turn the page, I need to get Bobbin' (his soft toy donkey)

Me: 'Does Bobbin need to learn about Jesus'?'

Harry: 'Nope. Bobbin hasn't got blood in his body. He's got air in. Metal Air'

Sometimes I haven't a clue what is going through this child's head.


Pete, Alison and Charlie said...

Looks like a messy old afternoon! Glad Lucy's feeling better though. (I have to say, that first picture of Lucy is SCARILY Scott-like!)
Hope everything else is going well - am loving Harry's 'Metal Air' comment. Charlie comes out with stuff like that and I end up just nodding and agreeing!
Speak soon. XXX

Jenny said...

Helen - We're so excited you found our blog. It's so much fun to see what everyone is up to. Thanks for dinner, we had such a nice time. Except now our daughter is upset that we have a boring house that doesn't have a window to climb out of onto the roof.
We love the Bishop's blog - very entertaining and informative.