Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Haahh.... peace.... all the kids are at school/playgroup and the house is (mainly) tidy. It was meant to be like this yesterday, but I ended up spending the morning at playgroup at the last minute. I went to get my hair cut this morning (for the first time in nearly six months) and it was very relaxing having 2 people blow drying my hair! The hairdresser finished it with staighteners though...I looked like I got sucked through something. I got it back to its normal messy self now.
I had a lovely talk about the Gospel and everything we believe, with a parent from Tom's school last week, that lasted nearly all day. I saw her this morning and she's asked to come over this afternoon again, which'll be nice.
The kids are all enjoying school - Jack is walking on his own now part of the way (another source of anxiety for me to get over!), but I think it will be good for him to be independant from Lucy a bit more. They all enjoyed the England/Slovenia game at Wembley on Saturday - came back late with scarves/flags etc.
Scott and I bought a new telly online last night - we finally got sick of our current arrangement: you can have DVD but with the TV faintly in the background, Freeview when it feels like it, but only about 3 channels, yesterday it was video with no sound, or DVD with the picture all gone green or red. And normal telly isn't worth watching at all. We've watched almost none since we got back from France - just watching odd episodes of the West Wing on DVD. I don't feel too bad about buying a new one - if you could see the motley collection we have had over the years (mainly Ken & Bev's old ones) you'd know what I mean. Scott was looking at some enormous big black shiny monstrosities, and I said what about a small silver one? We are getting a nice smallish silver one. Isn't compromise great!!
Photos of me and Scott for a change, looking old!


pescbrico said...

You don't look old, you look just perfect :) I'm alone in the house too today... this feel really strange... I should go for an haircut too!!
HAve a wonderful day!

pescbrico said...

Hello again, thanks for your visit. Here we have a government plan for daycare so I have to send my baby to the daycare in order to be able to go back to work in a month and have a place to send my baby... We have one year of paid maternity leave so this is cool and somehow I manage to find that not enough LOL. I don't know if doctor appointment count for taking care of myself! LOL
Have a great day! :)