Sunday, 27 September 2009

Primary Presentation

Today was the first and last time all our kids would be in a Primary Presentation at the same time as each other. I thought this quite a noteworthy event, partly because I got to sit through Sacrament Meeting with no kids whatsoever, and WITH my husband - for the first time in 7 1/2 years!
I decided to take some pictures of the kids before church, anyway. They were not in what you might call a good photography session mood... these are the best of about 30 photos:They were however all very good in the presentation, speaking and singing beautifully (though Harry only agreed to go up if he could take with him his big train tied onto a 2 metre length of rope). I really felt the spirit of the presentation strongly (it was about Eternal Families), and felt very joyful and uplifted through all of church.

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