Thursday, 2 February 2017

Saturday 30th July 2016 (Hoi An, Vietnam Day 2)

In the morning we headed to the private beach belonging to the hotel, across the road. 

Wandered along a short way till we found a couple of unused beach chairs and umbrellas.

That'll do!

It was probably the world's shortest trip to the beach! Almost as soon as the guys had gone in the sea, they came out again because there were jelly fish! The kids couldn't play on the sand because it was far too hot, so I ended up taking the boys back almost straight away. I was also feeling pretty rubbish and fluey.
The kids hit the pool again for a couple of hours.

Later we headed back to Hoi An for dinner and to try on the clothes we ordered yesterday, for any refitting.
The taxi ride into Hoi An was funny - the taxi driver beeped the horn so many times!!
I was feeling pretty rubbish - took painkillers, but had no energy at all, and felt spaced out. I didn't want to lug my camera around, so just took phone snaps for the day.
The steps of the tailor's.

Amazing progress made on the guys' suits!! I'd also ordered a dress - a short sleeved pencil dress in a dark turquoise-blue. The sleeves were too open, and it was a bit big, so they kept it to alter, along with some other minor refitting on the suits.
It didn't seem too weird to be getting changed in the middle of an open fronted shop, with just a lady holding up a sheet for me to change behind! You just go with the flow in Asia!
We sat around on plastic stools, drinking bottled water while we waited for each other.

Walking through Hoi An.

It's mainly all motorbikes and mopeds in Hoi An, except for the very main roads, where there are more cars. Very hard to cross! You just have to take your life into hands and go for it!

For dinner we went back to the Indian Restaurant we had been to the day before. Selfie in the restaurant.

We then wandered back to the river by dusk, where it was getting quite busy. We bumped into a group of students who asked if they could have their photo taken with us as part of a scavenger hunt type thing they were doing!

The place looked so lovely with all the lights.

After a quick wander through the outdoor market, I was feeling totally lousy and needed to sit down. I sat near the river and Harry stayed with me while the others looked around for a bit longer, before we caught a taxi back to the hotel.

Scott's Facebook update of the last three days.

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