Friday, 17 February 2017

The Second Week of August 2016 (Camp & FSY)

We got back from Asia on Saturday 6th August, and had that day to get all the laundry sorted out ready for the older kids going to camp and FSY on Monday 8th!!
I didn't go to church on 7th - I had a chesty cough and was still feeling exhausted from being ill.

Tom went to Deacon's Camp on Monday morning, and Lucy and Jack went to Northampton Chapel, where all the 14-18 year olds who were going to FSY (For the Strength of Youth) got a coach to Nottingham University where they were staying for a week of church activities along with kids from other Stakes.

Scott went back to work, and I was on call all week, with Harry at home. (I just had one call-out on Friday night to a guy's oven setting off a smoke alarm).

Various photos of Tom at camp appeared on our Ward Facebook group throughout the week! Tom said he had a brilliant time!

Keely posted this picture of the Cryer/Watling 2nd Cousins, from FSY.

Lucy also posted a few pictures on Instagram.

Tom came back on Thursday 11th, and Scott picked up Lucy and Jack from Northampton again on Saturday 13th. They'd both had a great time too. Lucy said she was the only girl in her group who had been born into the church - the other girls were either converts, or weren't members of the church. She said it was such a good experience, and that she'd been blessed to be put with just the right people. She was just so happy!

On Sunday 14th, Lucy, Jack and Tom all bore beautiful testimonies during Sacrament meeting (along with other youth who had attended) and I felt so grateful to everyone doing their callings so that camp and FSY could happen. (I have some idea of the amount of work that goes into it!)

In the evening we had YSA Family Home Evening at our house, and it was a great night, as well as being the last one for Ryan Garrick before his mission, and also for Bethany Doughty because her family is moving down South.
Lucy, Bethany and Ryan having an involved discussion about making brownies!

Playing games and writing letters for us to send to Ryan on his mission! (I even made him write one to himself!)

The brownies turned out well!

A poem composed by Scott, to send to Ryan at a later date!

Lucy's really going to miss Bethany!

I think this was the point of the evening where everyone was doing face swaps on Snapchat! We had a brilliant laugh anyway. I'll miss this bunch. Jared Amos was just home for the uni holidays, and Rebekkah and Luke Amos were soon to go on missions too.

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