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Thursday 4th August 2016 (Hanoi, Vietnam / Bangkok, Thailand)

We left our hotel in Hanoi in the morning, to get a taxi to the airport for our flight to Bangkok, for the start of our long journey home!
This is us waiting in the hotel reception for the taxi, with Tom not feeling so great.

When we got to the airport, Tom was sick again outside. We got our luggage checked in, then came and sat down here, while Scott went and found someone who could provide a wheelchair for Tom, as he wasn't feeling much better and was quite weak. We'd given up on healthy food pretty much by this point, and were letting the kids eat junk from the Hanoi supermarket for breakfast. We were pretty much glad of any calories Tom or Harry had!

We fast-tracked through all of airport security with a guy pushing Tom in a wheelchair.

Waiting in the departure lounge - Scott needed to borrow the wheelchair for a bit to practice his skills.
Tom was able to use it all the way to the plane door.

On the hour or so flight, approaching Bangkok. Quite a lot of blue tiled roofs.

Tom was able to get a wheelchair through the airport in Bangkok too. He and I got separated from the others through security, and we got to go through the staff parts of the airport in order to use a lift.
We got two separate taxis from the airport to our hotel (the Lohas Residences Sukhumvit). I chatted with our driver, and we had an hilarious chat about the weather in England - he laughed for ages in genuine delight when I said that the temperature in England can be zero degrees or lower! He said he'd love to see snow!

We were in a traffic jam for quite a while as we neared the hotel. We passed this line of handcart stalls on the way - quite a contrast to the big business buildings behind.

There was some confusion about the right hotel when we got to the street the taxi driver thought it was on. I didn't know the hotel name - Scott had just told the taxi driver. We couldn't see Scott or his taxi anywhere, so I went into one hotel we thought it might be, to ask if there was a reservation for us there, but there wasn't. After a bit I spotted Scott, and we got checked in to the right hotel OK.
I was impressed with the cushion display in the foyer! I've spent quite a few bad nights in hotels were the cushions are too fat for me to sleep on, so I was hopeful of a good night's sleep here!

To get to our part of the hotel, we walked through the foyer then through a kind of courtyard area, with this vehicle parked in it! Cool or what?!

We were too early to get our rooms straight away, so we went up to the roof where the gym and pool were. There were pretty good views from up there!

Scott and I sat by the pool, next to a German guy who we chatted to for a bit. Harry and Tom floated around in the pool in their shorts and T-shirts. It was incredibly hot as usual. Tom started to perk up a bit.

View from the pool terrace.

Scott resting in his Vietnamese hat, which he'd bought at Hanoi airport!!

When we got into our rooms, they were great! They had an adjoining door between them, and each had a little kitchen. We had a wonderfully lazy afternoon, and I had no desire to go anywhere. My chest was pretty bad, and I was still fluey.

I saw that Jack had filled the hotel customer service questionnaire in! (Loved the name!)
We took the chance to totally repack our cases and get organised, during which time we discovered Tom had been collecting toothbrushes from virtually every hotel we'd been at - he had about 40 in his suitcase pocket!!

We were in a pretty silly mood! Lucy was grooving on down, and Scott was marching round in his beloved hat... I took a couple of family videos, and had a shower (which was a ridiculously designed shower that I managed to flood the whole bathroom with!)

Scott, Lucy and Jack went out a couple of times during the afternoon and evening, to get food for us. (They also had a ride in the cool six seater tuk-tuk thing!) They procured McDonalds for lunch, and later got supermarket food for tea. This was the little stash they got me for lunch, and I can honestly say I have seldom relished anything as much! (Plus was very glad of the medicines.)

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