Sunday, 19 February 2017

Heading to France (16th & 17th August 2016)

We left for France at 7.15am on Tuesday 16th August. Lucy had decided to stay at home on her own, as she wanted to collect her 'A' Level results in person. I had to take a picture of Lucy before we left, for her mission application papers.

Lucy seeing us off. I didn't like leaving her behind! It did make packing up easier though, as there wasn't the fridge or bins etc to worry about!

I was bored of being in the car within about 5 minutes of leaving home! Here I am wearing my awesome Cambodia shorts!
The journey ended up being nice and easy. It took 9 hours 17 minutes door to door (via Eurotunnel) - a record!

Jack making the most of having the whole back seat to himself on the Eurotunnel!

Bel-Air did it's best to welcome us, with a beautiful, warm, sunny evening. It was great seeing Mum and Dad for the first time in ages! Mum had made dinner for us, then we headed off for a walk in the woods. It was just so good being there.

I'd heard that a lot of the trees in Yvon's wood had been cut down, and was worried that it would totally change the feel of the place. Luckily though, most the felling had been done in the area around Yvon's cabin, which isn't a place we go much, and my favourite areas remained the same.

Nothing is better than evening sunshine from across the fields! The cars can now be parked near the gate in the back garden, because the big stone-lined semi-circular mound has been removed and grassed over by Ken since last year.

17th August. Our living room looking good with Ken and Bev's old wood burning stove, which we, John and Hannah bought from them because they got a new one. Dad says he'll fit it for us eventually.

I went for a walk to the woods again.

We also kept ourselves very entertained... Ken was mouse-sitting for a family from church, and while he'd had gone off somewhere, Dad decided to steal the mouse, hide it in a shoe box, and replace it with a dead one he'd found!
Fortunately, a little while later it started to rain, making Mum go into her living room where the live mouse was being kept, just in time to see it nearly escaping, having chewed through the sellotape covering the holes in the shoe box!

The dead mouse planted in the cage!

Ken then got back, not long before the mouse's owners were coming to collect it. It didn't take Ken long to realise he now had a dead mouse! (Fortunately, he didn't notice that the dead mouse was an entirely different colour from the live one!)
We let him panic for a bit before telling him what we'd done. We were all absolutely killing ourselves laughing! Ken was somewhat relieved!

Removing the dead mouse. Typical fun and games when Flinns & Devines are together!

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