Thursday, 23 February 2017

Jack's GCSE Results & La Gacilly (Thursday 25th August 2016)

Thursday 25th August was Jack's GCSE results day! His friend was going to open Jack's results and message them to him.
We spent another morning on tenterhooks! I sanded our upstairs front window frames and gave them a coat of varnish whilst waiting.

They arrived by late morning... Jack reading them!

I've never been more curious than I was about Jack's results!! He never appeared to do much work, or seem very stressed during his exams. I'd ask him how he did each day, and he'd always say 'pretty good I think' or something like that. Well it turns out he did do pretty good! Brilliant in fact!! We were all absolutely delighted!!

I then drove us all to La Gacilly, to see the outdoor photos everywhere. We stopped off in Malestroit to buy a few bits for lunch. In La Gacilly, after having our usual baguette lunch on a picnic bench near the car park/river, we headed into the centre. Mum and Dad hadn't been before and I was excited to show them the place.

The themes for the year were Japan and Oceans. Here's Harry in Tokyo!

The exhibition on refugees/economic migrants was really sad.

It was so hot!! The guys waiting for Harry and I while we looked at one exhibition.

Mum wilting a bit.

I loved the contrasts! A Madagascan sapphire mine in an old Breton commune.

The place is just so pretty!

Ice creams before heading back - a really nice day out!

It's hard to photograph and hold an ice cream at the same time!

A new find! Cherry Bakewell 'Jaffa Cakes'!!! Delicious!

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