Thursday, 2 March 2017

The rest of France (26th - 30th August 2016)

Friday 26th August. We went to Josselin with Mum and Dad, so I was able to snap this photo of Josselin Chateau on my phone as we passed by.

Scott and Lucy were going to Tesco in the evening, and spotted some hot air balloons, so went chasing them. They caught up with them somewhere between Warboys and Chatteris!

The next day I took the boys to the bouncy castle place. After a rather grumpy start to the day, we had a great time! The go-karts had been replaced with some crazy little new ones.

Lovely weather, and we got there early enough that the place was nice and quiet.

In the evening, I had a typically daft conversation with Lucy!

Lucy and Scott had been to London for the day.

On Sunday 28th, we went to church in the morning for Sacrament Meeting. We had an American missionary translating for us via headsets, and it was a lovely simple meeting.

In the afternoon, we went for a 4 mile-ish circular walk from Guehenno, with Mum, Dad and a dog which followed us the whole way.
We used a (not particularly clear) guide book, and got lost a couple of times.

Blackberry picking in the way.

Stopping to debate the route.

So many lovely, hidden away houses.

Harry getting fed up of walking after about 3 miles and trying to hitch a lift...

Some fence posts had started growing again!

One of the bits where we got particularly confused with the route!

Old water mills.

Us with our adoptive dog.

It was a bit embarrassing walking back along the main road into Guehenno - the dog kept running into the road and holding up cars, and you could see people thinking we should control our dog better!

Back at Guehenno church.

I got sent a snapchat in the evening, from the YSA Family Home Evening at our house... they had the Lego out!

I started reading 'The Continuous Conversion' in the evening - a lovely book by Brad Wilcox. I found several parts very inspiring. After feeling quite drained for a long time, this paragraph in particular gave me the desire to pray for help to do more than the bare minimum again - in a hopeful way, not a dutiful way.

On Monday 29th, we made a last visit to Josselin, with a run up the bell tower, on the way to Super U.

I went to take a photo of the view but the camera was facing me - I thought 'Oh! I actually look OK!' so took a selfie that I quite like.
We spent the rest of the day packing up our stuff and cleaning the house.

A lovely Facebook comment from a friend, who's had a tough time.

The next morning, we set off for the ferry from St. Malo.
A sad farewell to Bel-Air...

We got to the ferry absolutely fine, and had an easy journey back. We had a small cabin, though it was gorgeous weather, so we spent time on deck too.
St. Malo was looking beautiful.

It's always lovely coming into Portsmouth, and looking at all the buildings and interesting ships.
The drive home was fine.

Harry and Tom trying to get waves back from the shore, and from people on the battleships!

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