Monday, 20 March 2017

Tuesday 25th October 2016 - Malham Cove, Yorkshire

The next morning, we walked from our Travelodge into Sheffield city centre. People in Sheffield must be quite fit, as it's hilly!
We had breakfast at Wetherspoons and then wandered back to the hotel to collect the car.
Tom and Harry at the Jessica Ennis post box.

We then drove to another place I'd come across on Pinterest and liked the look of - Malham Cove.
We parked in a field car park in the village, and walked the mile or so to the cove.

It was such a gorgeous day! We were so lucky with the weather!

Walking up the side of the cove to the top.

The formation at the top of the cove is gorgeous! It's called a limestone pavement, formed by a waterfall which was fed from a glacier.

We messed about on the rocks for a bit, then decided to walk on. I'd found a circular hike online, but I don't think we followed all of it - we just saw where a few other people were walking and went that way.

View of the path we'd come along next to the stream.

Tom decided to roll down the hill, in spite of his not very healed up arm! He'd stopped wearing his sling the day before.

We got to another stream, and a waterfall called Janet's Foss. The kids crossed the stream to explore a cave on the other side.

In the cave!

It was just so beautiful walking along in the sunshine, with gorgeous scenery, and no set plan. We figured we must be heading back to the village, but weren't entirely sure! Everyone was very happy.

We made it back to the village, over some stepping stones!

We were going to Otley for tea with John and Hannah, and stopped off at a Co-op on the way, to buy chocolate cake for pudding. Lucy and Tom pooled resources to buy some reduced price Chomps!

When we got to John and Hannah's, the boys babysat while John drove the rest of us to the house they are buying next to the railway station in Menston.
Us on the railway bridge at the back of the house.

We had a good dinner when we got back, and got a couple of cousin photos!

It was great hanging out for a bit, then we drove to Harrogate where we were staying in another Travelodge for the night. It was a nice hotel right in the centre, and overlooked the Wetherspoons where we planned to have breakfast again!

I shared a room with Harry and Lucy, who were in a very daft mood! Lucy refused to get out my bed, so I threatened to put this photo on Facebook. She still wouldn't shift, so I did it, and she de-friended me! We finally got to bed and re-Facebook-friended each other again!

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