Friday, 3 February 2017

Wednesday 3rd August 2016 (Hanoi, Vietnam)

We made the decision not to go on the tour to Halong Bay, and cancelled our booking with the hotel. I wasn't really feeling up to it (had woken in the night with all my sheets drenched with sweat - still fevery), and the weather forecast was for lightening there. We'd read that often, you can do the 3-4 hour coach journey, only to find the boat tour is cancelled because of the weather, and I didn't know if I couldn't face doing that. Lucy and Jack were happy to stay in Hanoi for the day.
It was disappointing not to be going, but we wouldn't have been going as a whole family anyway.

Having breakfast at the hotel. I couldn't stomach very much.

Having a lazy morning in our hotel room.

We finally ventured out, on the hunt for a supermarket which Jack had found using his phone. I was determined to get some food I felt safe eating!
Typical crowded Hanoi pavements.

At one point we turned a corner into this square with a very non-typical church! It had the largest open space in front of it that we'd seen so far.

Crazy roads!!

We finally found the supermarket, though we didn't recognise half the stuff in it! It was fun looking round, but we didn't manage to get too much easy to prepare, wholesome food.
We did buy some food, but also ate at a nearby Burger King, which I relished!

The supermarket wasn't too far from the lake we visited the day before. Here is Thap Rua ('Turtle Tower' - linked to a legend about the lake).

Why the roads are so hard to cross: busy, quite wide, and no one stops at crossings or sticks to the right side of the road!

Doughnut sellers.

My Facebook description for the photo below:

They finally made it to Hanoi!! (The time of their new flight was only changed on them three times! Little things like flight times, the correct hotel rooms, traffic laws etc are all pretty flexible out here it seems!)
Here is Scott filling me in on the delightful story of when Tom was sick on the carpet and bathroom floor, managed to slip over in it and got bruised... 
Harry's doing better now, but Tom is still pretty weak and can't eat much yet. Tomorrow we fly to Bangkok!

Scott, Harry and Tom arrived at about 8pm, and the hotel had our third room ready by then. Their flight got changed three times during yesterday! Once by 7 hours!! (from 8am to 3pm) It was good to be together again. Scott had had an uncertain couple of days, with the boys being pretty poorly and him trying to get liquids and diarrhoea tablets down them, but they just couldn't stomach anything. Harry had a shaking/crying episode - Scott said he was just so hot and tired and ill, and the air conditioning in their room had broken. He was worried they might not get their new flight.
Anyway, they made it, and Lucy and Scott had time for a walk around Hanoi. Scott loved the craziness of it, though Lucy said the roads were loads easier to cross by then.

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