Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Lucy's A Level Results & a New Beach (Thursday 18th August 2016)

We were on tenterhooks on the morning of 18th August, waiting for Lucy's A Level results! She was going to school with her friends to collect them.
The boys helped Grandad with log splitting. Yvon had said that Dad and Ken could take some of the felled trees from his wood for fire wood, so there was lots to do!

Later in the morning, Lucy sent us a text with her results!!! (My Good Luck message arrived in the wrong order!)
We were all over the moon! Totally fantastic!! Lucy was confused about her History because she thought she had totally messed up one of the exams - never mind only missing 5 marks!
Added to Lucy's A in English A/S Level from last year, she's got a good bundle of grades!

Once Lucy had her results, we headed off to try and find a new beach that John and Martin Devine had been to for the first time the week before. The directions we had were a bit sketchy. The weather wasn't great and we didn't take swimming stuff with us or anything - we just wanted to explore.
We had to go via Decathlon of course!

We managed to find a road to the right stretch of coast, and walked along a headland to see what we could see. It was a nice walk along the cliffs, and in the distance we could see the beach John and Martin had been to, which had a big rock archway on one side.

We debated what to do - we'd already seen the other main beach area which had quite a lot of people on it, and didn't know how to get to the beach with the arch. We decided we might as well sit on the main beach for a bit. Once there, Scott went exploring further along the beach, and came back after a bit, saying he'd found the way to the arch beach! I was a bit skeptical that we should go - the tide was coming in, the sea was pretty rough, and getting to the arch beach meant paddling round the corner! I didn't want to get cut off, but Scott said there were separate steps up from the arch beach, so we followed him.
(The headland we'd walked along first, in the background.)

We did it! We entered the beach through the archway, and had the whole beach to ourselves! (Until a couple of other people came too.) It was lovely - the sun came out and we were really sheltered by the cliffs. So pretty!

The sea was really choppy, so I said the boys could only paddle. Tom and Harry had bought swimming trunks at Decathlon, and Jack just went in in his underpants! He'd bought a new surfing top though. They had a great time!

I just sat in the warmth, reading!

The tide continued to come in, cutting off our exit through the arch.

We left up some steps.

Once we got to the top of the steps we realised why hardly anyone else came to the beach - the top of the steps was wired off! We climbed over and made our way back to the car.

We stopped off and made sandwiches by the side of the road where you can see the sea on both sides (on the road down to the surfing beach and Quiberon).

Scott back at home playing with his new toy from Decathlon!

Lucy with Ellie, Katie and Marco that evening.

A picture of Lucy and Ellie on the news that evening, having just opened their results!

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