Saturday, 21 January 2017

Friday 29th July 2016 (Hoi An, Vietnam)

When we woke up in the morning, the view was even better than I'd imagined! 

Tom's, Lucy's and my room.

This hotel cost about the same as a Travelodge including breakfast, in England! We went down and had a buffet breakfast. There was the usual incredibly wide assortment of foods.

Scott eating scrambled egg with chopsticks!

And Jack eating his fried egg!

We then spent a lovely morning in/by the pool. Did lots of diving practice!

It was absolutely boiling hot - unless you were in the water it was too hot to be in the sun, and you couldn't walk more than a couple of steps with no shoes on.

We got the hotel shuttle bus for the couple of mile trip into Hoi An town, and went for a wander.

We found an Indian restaurant for lunch... good grub!

Then we made our way to the river.

It's a gorgeous little town, with only a few main busy streets. The rest are great for walking along.

The boys (except Tom) all wanted to get suits made, ever since seeing the Top Gear episode where they travel through Vietnam and get suits made in this same town!
We checked out one place, but decided on this one which Scott had seen recommended on a website.
Here's Jack making his choice of suit and lining materials.

Harry and Jack's choices!

Harry getting measured up! You can tell he REALLY wanted a suit by that fact he was willing to do this!

We were there for quite a while, and chatted with the main assistant, who said how good looking Harry was, and that he should marry her eight year old daughter - she would take care of his wedding outfit! Harry was not impressed, and legged it when she started calling him son-in law!

She decided Tom might be a better match!

Scott blending in with the locals again!

We went back to the hotel after that, and Scott went for a walk later with a couple of the kids to some shops up the road to get bits for tea. I also booked in and got a massage at the spa on the floor overlooking the foyer. Scott had one too, and we played pool while we waited. I had a full massage, and it was pretty good, but I felt a bit cold and damp during it.

Watching a junky wedding dress programme with Lucy... she said ''£10,000 for a dress?! Do you know how many Mentoes you can buy for that?!?!''

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