Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Saturday 23rd July 2016 (Bangkok Day 1)

We had a lovely lazy lie-in! 
Harry's, Lucy's and my room.

We wandered down for breakfast, and the hotel is lovely! Chandeliers, huge marble spaces, lots of friendly, bowing staff, and a huge outdoor pool just opposite reception. Breakfast was wonderful - a massive buffet of everything you can imagine - I especially liked the roast potatoes, curried chicken, omelette and spicy noodles!

After breakfast we headed to the pool for a couple of hours and all swam. The pool temperature was cool, but that was nice because it was always really warm outside, even if the sun went in. Scott went and got a massage in the hotel.
I then had a good shower and got all my stuff organised which felt wonderful!

Scott, Jack and Tom went for a walk and found a shopping centre nearby. They got some food from a 'Tesco Lotus'! We were in no rush at all, and I had a long nap till about 4pm. We then headed out (getting a 6 seater taxi in the covered forecourt of the hotel) and went to the river for a night market.

We drove through busy, slow moving Bangkok traffic, and absorbed the sights.

A bit further down the road from the hotel, we heard sirens and saw a few fire trucks and motorbikes heading towards a smoking building. We couldn't believe it when this fire truck with kids in fire uniforms went by!

I was also surprised to see a fire fighter with breathing apparatus on, driving past on a motorbike!!

We got dropped off at the river, but the night market stalls were still setting up, so we went for a wander through a sort of small shopping centre that ran along next to the river, and through an indoor food and flower market.
There were bags of marigolds everywhere, also Jasmine buds being made into decorations, and newspaper rolls with roses in. It was pretty busy and messy and chaotic, with all kinds of smells - some nice, some not so nice!

For tea, we stopped at a little place by the river, at one end of the shopping centre. Language-wise we found it pretty easy in Bangkok - most things are in English.

We picked a few things from the menu, as well as some drinks - lemongrass, some other grass, and chrysanthemum...

Harry's face says it all!! Even now, writing this months afterwards, it's still making my face screw up thinking about how revolting they all were!

We didn't want to seem wasteful to the restaurant people by leaving a load of full drinks... Scott had us killing ourselves laughing by doing exaggerated observations out over the river whilst surreptitiously tipping drinks into the river! 

After dinner, we went back to the market, trying to find some clothes for Harry. It wasn't the most fun experience! There was very little in his size, and he wasn't keen on much of it. We eventually managed to get him a bright pink T-shirt, a purple T-shirt and some bright red knock-off Nike trainers. No underwear to be found.

No idea what this place was, just across from the market.
We then got two taxis back to the hotel and went to our rooms, where I looked at my photos.

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