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Thursday 28th July 2016 (Cambodia / Da Nang & Hoi An, Vietnam)

We spent another lazy morning hanging out at Navutu Dreams. Scott bagsied the central double lounger! The place was quite quiet, except for the background music which we'd been hearing for a couple of days - we were given a letter by the management explaining that the music was coming from a nearby dwelling where someone had died, and this was part of the mourning ritual.

On a bush near our villa.

Flowers in reception, while we waited for our tuk-tuk drivers to take us into Siem Reap.

Tuk-tuk with a pretty ceiling!

We took a suitcase full of dirty clothes to a launderette, and arranged to pick it up later on our way to the airport, then we headed to the old market area for a last wonder round, and to get lunch.
Scott wanted to go to a bank on the way, and told my tuk-tuk driver where to follow his tuk-tuk to, but we managed to lose him. We stopped at a few places looking for him, then gave up and headed to the old market to wait for Scott's tuk-tuk to turn up. I had a nice chat with my tuk-tuk driver at one place we waited, about how the Japanese make the best roads over here, the Chinese and Koreans make rubbish roads, and how the cables over here aren't buried which is why there are so many hanging all over the place.
Also while we were waiting, we saw a couple of missionaries from our church cycling past. I yelled 'Hello Elders!' and they waved back. It was funny because Lucy and I had just been talking about seeing missionaries out there!

I had wondered what the metal pot bellied things were which I'd seen dotted around, and realised they were rubbish bins. (Bottom right of picture below).

Back at Navutu Dreams, we checked out, and a mini bus had been arranged to take us to the airport.
Cool lime green seat covers!

I snapped this picture from the mini bus. I just love it!!!

We picked up our laundry OK, and while still in town had an accident. A motorbike hit the back of us and dented the mini bus. No one was hurt, but we stopped for a while our driver tried to sort stuff out. I was mildly anxious about the delay!
At Siem Reap airport we passed through security easily enough, but in the departure lounge there was no departure board. The different gates all went from one hall, but it was quite spread out and I didn't like not knowing which gate our flight was leaving from! We just sat down anywhere, but in the end Harry and I went and asked one of check-in attendants how to find out our gate number. It turned out it was written on our tickets!

We flew about an hour to Da Nang airport in Vietnam, then got a taxi from outside that fitted us all in, and drove about half an hour to our next hotel a couple of miles from Hoi An.
The traffic was a bit crazy, especially in Da Nang! It was nice seeing the lights, and having the window down with warm air in my face. I seemed to mainly be used to the lack of traffic rules by now, and felt a bit more relaxed about it.

Our hotel was the Muong Thanh, a 4 star hotel sitting on a spit of land between a bend of the Cua Dai river and the South China Sea (or East Vietnam Sea!)
It was pretty nice, and we were served drinks whilst checking in.
Harry looking at the boat in the foyer.

I liked the screen the foyer!

Our rooms were next to each other on the top floor, with balconies overlooking the pool, river and sea! We were pretty happy!

Our rooms had interesting windows into the bathrooms! (Don't worry, Scott was not actually using the toilet here!) Fortunately there were blinds we could use!

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