Monday, 28 February 2011

The rest of Half-term

On Wednesday, Holly bought Lucy and Abigail back from their London trip... never seen two girls so happy/crazy/full of it! (Suffice to say, they had a good time!) We ended up with all the Bleakleys (minus Imogen) staying for the afternoon and for tea - lovely to get together again!
In the evening I hosted bookclub for my church ladies. Also on Wednesday my second blog book came in the post - all of 2009 printed up. This one of Tom enjoying it is what it's all about!Lucy and Abigail made themselves useful, planning meals for the rest of the week. (I think this had something to do with one of their Personal Progress award goals.)
I just about managed to keep up with the VAST amounts of dirty dishes produced...
The trip to London/the theatre was to celebrate Abi's 13th birthday. This also meant she was allowed to go on Facebook for the first time... Oh. My. Goodness. Facebook will not know what has hit it... Anyway, Lucy and Abi both had terrific fun editing and putting all their London pictures on, and they also spent a substantial amount of time on the phone/Facebook with a certain 13 year old boy...
We have had a good time though, and they are good girls. The boys were also happy, and kept themselves busy.
The 'I {heart} London' duo (who's goal it is, apparently, to work in the Harrod's perfume bit in the daytimes, and on the West End in the evenings... they have it all sorted out.)
Tim left his little Fiat Coupe with us, till they picked up Abigail again. I just needed to move it!
Lovely mild weather for a couple of days, and playing in the garden.We went to a couple of parks too, with the boys on their bikes.
On Friday, Scott came home with three bunches of flowers for me - lillies, tulips and pink roses - gorgeous! and in the evening I went to bookclub with my school ladies. Lovely time chatting, sitting in front of a wonderful log fire. Bed at midnight.
Abi got picked up on Saturday, while Lucy had to go to a 4 hour rehearsal for Bugsy Malone. Time to make some mini albums with Abi and her sisters before they left. Fond farewells (and now we are finding everything which was left behind!)
The rest of Saturday was peaceful, just getting cleared up and organised.
I drove Lucy and Ben Conway to Duston Ward Conference on Sunday (along with my experimental banana/fudge muffins for the girls - looked gross, tasted good), and enjoyed the meetings.
In the evening had fun chatting to various family members on the phone and on Skype, which Jack has got rigged up and is very keen on! I started making a new photo book too.
Feel that the Half Term Holidays have been survived admirably.
Everyone back to school quite happily today, and I got tonnes of stuff done.


jollyjolliffes4 said...

I loveyour blog Helen. Thank you for sharing. Molly

Anna said...

what did you use to get your blog in book form, wonderful idea :)