Sunday, 20 February 2011

This Week, including Parent's Evenings

Monday: Harry and Tom poorly, and off school (though not poorly enough to stop arguing...) Had to miss Visiting Teaching. Did an on-line shop, just in case I have sick kids forever and never get out again!

Tuesday: Everyone finally at school, and I had quilting class. Enjoyed learning a new technique. Jack's friend Tiago came for dinner after school, and he come along with us to Jack's Parent's Evening. Jack's teacher said Jack is far ahead in all his subjects, that he is always polite, charming, and a credit to Scott and I, and that if he had a class full of Jacks his job would be...(can't remember the word he used, but good anyway.)

Wednesday: Went Visiting Teaching in the morning. After school I went to Tom and Harry's Parent's Evening. Tom's teacher said all his subjects are strong, he has a great imagination, and that he just soaks up knowledge and loves learning. She was happy that he is getting more confident in class, and said he is a total delight.
Harry's teacher said he is doing fine with learning to read etc, that he has plenty of friends and seems happy at school. She said she calls him the 'Lego Expert', and that he definitely has an artistic streak. She also said he is a bit of a chatterer at carpet time, and sometimes says not so nice things to people ('I'm a faster runner than you' type of thing.)
I've felt quite challenged by Harry lately - he seems to be so tightly wound up - has so much tension in him, and so much energy, and he is so quick to take a swing at someone, or shout at them or say 'I'm not listening' etc, so I was glad that his report was pretty good!

Thursday: Helped with taking Tom's class swimming in the morning (including using up just about the whole of the Leisure Centre's stock of leaflets to make fans for all the kids), and went back to his class in the afternoon, to help everyone make their own 'Angels of the North' out of milk cartons, foil, lots of newspaper, and EVEN MORE GLUE. They are a nice bunch of kids.
In the evening I went out for a Presidency meeting. Also this week I sorted out where we are going to have the Young Women Stake camp, and got the camp site booked. Felt a big weight lifted, getting that sorted out.

Friday: Felt sick and went back to bed after dropping the kids off. Slept all morning, and felt a bit better. Went shopping with the kids after school - seriously in need of some treats to celebrate the start of the holidays!

Saturday: We all went to see Despicable Me at the cinema in the morning - all loved it - had a great time! Spent the afternoon finishing off my talk. Did some quilting in the evening.

Today: I went to Milton Keynes ward today. Probably worried the Bishopric somewhat, because I was the first speaker, and turned up 5 minutes late - the motorway was closed, and I went on a very interesting detour! I also taught the Young Women class. Both went OK I think.
Felt pretty sick again this afternoon. Fed up of this thing, whatever it is - it's been going on for ages. Kids all gone to bed happy though. Harry really took to heart the scripture reading I did with him before bed, and of his own accord said that the people we were talking about in the scriptures were really kind, and he's going to try and be really kind too. (I'm sure any other parents will know how much I was cheering inside!)
Happily, Scott has a day off work tomorrow. Things have been ticking over pretty good for Scott work-wise and in general.

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