Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Catching up on January

February already! The second half of January wasn't quite as busy as the previous weeks - as mentioned below, we have had the sad news of Scott's Nan's death, and I have spent quite a bit of time getting on with decorating our bedroom. It's meant to be finished by now, but at least good progress has been made! Anyone who remembers the massive ornate mirror (or the back of it!) that's been leaning against our front room radiator for months, will be glad to hear that it has now been painted and is hanging on our wall.
On 19th Jan, Lucy and I went to a presentation evening where Lucy recieved her certificate for completing the bronze level of the Arts Award she has worked on over the last year. I'm proud of our kids and the way they just get on with things.
I finally got round to sending my camera off for repair. After building myself up to being parted from it, it was only away for about a week. Took these on the way home from school one day. I'm not sure my camera is totally right yet, but so far I haven't tried taking any pictures in decent light conditions.
I think this coat suits Harry so much!
On 22nd Jan, we went to Sam Bleakley's baptism. Although they have moved away, the baptism was held at our chapel. Tom gave the closing prayer. He was really scared, but still did it. Lucy and Abigail were somewhat happy to be reunited again, and could only be parted with reminders that they will see each other again in the half-term holidays, when they are going to London to see Les Miserables, and then Abigail will spend a few days at our house...
I still haven't been to church in our home ward yet - visited Milton Keynes a week ago, and this past Sunday was Stake Conference at Northampton. I went on my own to the Saturday evening session, and then I had to give a talk at the Sunday session. I'd had about a week to prepare, but other than choosing what theme I wanted to speak on, couldn't seem to make a talk come together. I got it written on Saturday morning, and am just glad it's over with now. I think it went OK, but what made me most glad was the old Young Women's President coming up and saying that it was great, and that I had put into words things she had been wanting to say.

Tom is here at home with me today, off school with a bad stomach. Lucy, Scott and I haven't been feeling all that wonderful over the last week or two, either. Scott is also totally fed up with winter! He hates the cold! I don't think me or the kids mind it so much, but we probably wrap up better.
Scott and I have enjoyed a couple of lunches together too in the past couple of weeks. I go and pick him up from work and we go to Frankie and Bennie's. One of the joys of having all the kids at school!

Also yesterday, a book arrived in the post - the whole of 2010 of this blog, published! It's a great reminder (and partly of the point of me keeping this blog) - amazing the things we had forgotten about last year already!


Kimberley said...

who do you use to print your blog Helen?

kimara said...

Sounds like life is busy! I can't wait to get my blog published. I love that it is a journal and scrapbook all in one!
How scary to speak in Stake conference! I am sure you did great. thanks for the update