Monday, 31 January 2011

Hilda Marjorie Egleton

Two weeks ago, Scott's Grandmother 'Nan Egleton' died. She had cancer, but died from a stroke in hospital. She was mother to Scott's mum Meg, and to Aunty Gill.
I think Scott put it well, by simply saying 'She was always good to me.'
In the time I have known her since I met Scott, she has always been lively, independent, and kind. She gave her Great-Grandchildren pocket money every single month without fail, and always had lovely treats for them. I like these pictures of her here with some of our kids as babies.
With Lucy and Grandad Egleton, 1997.
Here again with Lucy (Yes - hard to believe that fat baby is actually Lucy!)
Nan with Jack and baby Tom, 2003.And lastly with Harry, 2005. Her funeral service was held last Tuesday at Southend Crematorium. It was a sweet and simple service, with both Meg and Dave speaking.
I think best of all I liked looking though Nan Egleton's photo album back at Meg and Dave's house afterwards. She looked very happy and glamorous! It was good to be with all of Scott's family again too.
We are sad she is gone, but also glad that she was spared the pains which lung cancer would have brought. Bye bye Nan.

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Mum said...

I only met Nan Egleton a few times, but I thought she was a lovely, kind lady. I remember spending a very pleasant evening at her house the night before you got married, Helen. You, Katy and Juli were sleeping there and I went to iron your wedding dress. Nan had gone to the trouble of getting distilled water for the iron! I was also very impressed by how clean and immaculate she was in everything. She gave her 'old' fridge/freezer to Robin and Niki when they were first married. It looked brand new and is still going strong.