Saturday, 15 January 2011

New Year so far

The day before Lucy went back to school (and two days before the boys), I wanted to get us out the house, in spite of it being freezing. We went to a stately home a little way from our house. Hardly anyone else was there, and we had a really good time, playing football, walking round, and having a picnic of homemade soup, and hot chocolate in flasks. I loved the views and openness.
The kids have enjoyed being back at school, and have all been quite happy. I got to help out at Tom's school this week for the first time - helping take his class swimming.Lucy trying to help Harry climb what he called 'the funky tree'.Harry asking if he can take a stick home - in his newly cleaned coat...
Scott and I had fun on Facebook a few nights ago, getting involved in a pay-it-forward handmade gift thing. Here is a sight you will not see all that often... Scott using my craft stuff! We had quite a laugh whilst he set to work making a couple of his gifts.
Scott's new boss has started now, so Scott is no longer acting principal. It is still quite busy for him, but nothing like as bad as December, which was totally, ridiculously, big for him.
He is still having to adjust his thinking to not being Bishop any more, and letting go of associated stresses.I finished making a quilt for my bed, and in the last week I have been decorating our room, a bit each day. I haven't been sleeping well though, because now there is no blind. One of my New Year Resolutions (which I love making!) is to finish decorating a room each month.
I have had a few church related things this last week too. I travelled to Bletchley last Sunday, and twice to Northampton in the week (last night I did an activity with the 12 & 13 year old girls - we had a really nice time, but Lucy and I didn't get back till 11.30pm), and tomorrow I am going to Bedford. It is nice to be recognising a few people around the Stake now, and understanding how things work, a bit better.
I ached most of last week because of another of my resolutions - to go for a run every week.
This new year has also seen a lot of our stuff break:
1. The dishwasher. I managed to fix this myself, but not without me flooding the whole kitchen floor, and a bit of the dining room.
2. The washing machine. I managed to fix this too, but also not without flooding the kitchen floor again. (At least the kitchen floor is very clean.)
3. The kitchen bin. I have seen a new one I like but it is about £90. Hmmmm...
4. Flat tyre on Scott's car (I somehow got a huge hole ripped in it) This ended up costing nearly £350 to repair - a long and boring story involving all the wheels having to be drilled off etc. etc.
5. The printer. New one arrived today, and I have spent most of today getting the computer and 2 lap tops set up to be wireless with it.
6. The central locking on my car also seems to have broken last night. It did that before once, and I couldn't lock the car for about 6 months, or open the boot, so we'll see what happens this time!
7. My camera has finally been sent off to the repair shop this week. It hasn't been right for a few months, and I have finally made the wrench and been parted from it.
All I can say is that I'm glad Scott is a good provider, and that it is not the end of the world when something breaks. It also means that we are privileged to have stuff in the first place.
I was thinking that the new year might be a bit less eventful than last year. So far that's not really been the case!

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Dan Gosling said...

I used to do cross-country at burleigh. Not bad eh - made up for the fact I was having to do cross-country!