Monday, 7 February 2011

Brownies, Bikes and a Dance (amongst other things!)

The weekend has been survived... somehow!!!
After having Tom and Jack off school with sick bugs in the week (they are fine now), on Friday morning Harry said he had a stomach ache, so I thought I hade better keep him off, just in case. Had to take him to Tesco though to get a few more things for the Multi-Stake Valentines Dance. I just gave him a sick bag.
Back at home I made quite a few brownies for the dance (140 to be precise), and Harry (who I was beginning to suspect of not being ill in the least) helped clean the bowl.
Some brownies ready for some icing:
When Harry and I went to pick up Tom from school, Harry legged it round like a wild lunatic, shouting to his friends and any parents who would listen, that he had had the day at home, and it was loads more fun than school. I told him he could at least pretend to look a bit sick. I also felt totally daft, after standing in the Reception Class playground for 10 minutes... waiting for Harry... who was with me!
By that point I felt totally ill myself - headache, nauseous, temperature etc.
I went to Northampton in the evening (drugged up!) to help decorate the hall for the dance the next night. We actually had a pretty good laugh, though don't ask how long and many men it takes to construct a helium balloon archway...
On Saturday I still felt lousy, but we went and bought bikes for all the kids, and a bike rack. We bought them from a guy who does up and sells second hand bikes, about half an hour away. All 4 bikes came to £100 in total - and they are decent looking things - pretty pleased at that!
In the evening I headed to Northampton again for the dance (drugged up again!) I think it went pretty well, and there were kids from all over the place - ranging from London to Birmingham.
We had hired a proper candy floss machine, and I had fun on that, though it ended up all over my arms and in my hair etc. Got home after the clear-up at about 1am, but didn't sleep well again.
Yesterday I went to Kettering for church, then the rest of the family joined me at the Chatterton's house afterwards for dinner. We had a great time just chatting and catching up, and seeing their lovely new home.
Scott said he was asked at church how he's doing as a single parent! He is really enjoying Sundays actually, and having the chance to just talk to people now.
Lucy and I stayed at the Chattertons till later and then headed back to Kettering chapel for a Young Women's evening, while the boys drove home. I was tired beyond belief by the time I got home, and thankfully slept like the dead last night. Had a really good talk with Lucy on the drive back though. She is good company.


Anna said...

Wow, pretty busy! I love Harry all covered in brownie mix!

The Chattertons said...

It was so nice to have you guys over for dinner. You'll have to let us know the next time you're up our way.

kimara said...

I love the pictures of Harry with the brownie mix too! They looks yummy I hope you feel better now