Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Well - entering a fourth week of having various kids off school... today it's Tom and Harry's turn! I haven't had someone off every single day, but the kids (and I) seem to have some kind of headache/nausea/tiredness bug which comes and goes, though Harry has a cold, and keeps coughing (with the odd nose bleed thrown in for good measure!)
For a bit of variety though, last Tuesday I got a call from Tom's school saying he had had a bad fall in the playground, and could I come and take him to the doctors. Tom had well and truly the most impressive lump on his forehead I have ever seen - a chicken egg stuck to his skull-kind-of-thing. That wouldn't have been so bad, but he was drowsy, and felt sick, with a bad heachache for a couple of days. The doctor said he was OK, but he had me a bit worried that first day.
Lucy also had a cervical cancer immunisation last week, and I don't know if it was a coincidence, but she threw up that night, and was off for 3 days too.
One of the little sickies:
Went to see Jack in a football match on Friday. His team lost 5-0, but Jack didn't seem to mind too much. I liked it that Jack's team was mixed girls, boys, and abilities though, giving everyone a chance to play.
I've been out and about a bit this week too - Northampton on Thursday night, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, where I taught the Young Womens class. I enjoyed all the meetings though, and got to share lifts every time. Rachel and I met with two of the Stake Presidency after Leadership training meeting on Saturday night, and I felt so uplifted by the end of the night - having a strong feeling of how to lead the girls I am responsible for. I also had a lovely letter from President Hirst this week, which was very encouraging.
Scott went with Lucy and other youth from our ward to London Temple to do baptisms on Saturday, and they both seemed to have enjoyed it.
Feel like I am ready for spring now. We've been too cooped up, and the kids have got on my nerves too often recently. I'm fed up of feeling exhausted, and not great.
It's not all doom and gloom though - on the whole we are pretty happy.
This afternoon Harry, Tom and I made the heart cookies (new recipe - turned out surprisingly delicious!), took some round to our elderly neighbour, and now we have just been to pick up Lucy from rehearsals (3 times a week for Bugsy Malone - being performed in March), and Jack from football club. He is most delighted because he found out today that he's going on a 4 day trip to Belgium for an International Folk dancing thing in May. He and his class will be performimg Molly Dancing, a traditional Fenland dance.

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kimara said...

You lead a busy life! Your children as so beautiful. I too am ready for spring. Happy V day!